Time flies, it has been almost 2 years since I opened KaoriKaori.  When I first started I only had a few items in my shop, it was really a 'small' shop at that time.  Because as a newbie, it took me a lot of time to list an item. I always had problems taking nice photographs, and writing the descriptions for my items, and anything that is related to computer as I was not I. T. savvy. It was sometimes very frustrating and I almost gave up. But luckily I have a very supportive husband who always help and support me,and  there were customers who visited, 'hearted' my shop and items even for my small collection. They encouraged me to continue my passion for creating and designing.

I was the worst photographer at home and when I started my etsy shop, I literally started from zero in photography.  However I am glad I made my first step to open my shop.  I learn a lot of things, new skills, make friends because of  my handmade jewelry shop.  And I also found a new interest, photography which I have never thought of if it was not because of my shop. Today I have still a considerably small collection of items in my shop, but I will try my best to create more beautiful jewelry, with love and care.

To celebrate my anniversary, and to express my appreciaton for your support, I am offering 15% discount for all items in my etsy shop on KaoriKaori.  This promotion is until 14 September 2011, happy shopping!