Kawaii Red Packets For Lunar New Year

Time flies, Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)is just around the corner. This year it falls on 3 Febuary. All Chinese people will celebrate Chinese New Year on the same day. Like Christmas it is time for all family members to get together. And for children to receive red packets*

When I was shopping for chinese new year I found these cute, Japanese style red packets from Isetan a few weeks ago. There is this rabbit's red packet, which is actually not red in color, like traditional chinese red packet, but it's so cute.It's year of rabbit this year, and I think it's very nice if I can use this rabbit red packet for children. The other type of red packet is also a non traditional red packet. This can be opened like a mini paper shopping bag. All these come with stickers(seals).

*red packet is a red envelope with money. It is given from married adults to children during chinese new year.