Baby Breath

This airy, tender and delicate white flower is a popular wedding flower. It's also a classic filler flower for bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.  Therefore it's always seen together with other flowers.

Baby Breath Floral Series Fine Art Photography by Backbonestudio

Babys Breath Flower girl wreath By Ivyiris

However, it's very beautiful too on its own. I have seen a bride who had only baby breath as her bouquet. It's amazing, how beautiful and stunning the photographs came out to be.

I like baby breath very much, perhaps it's because the flower is my favourite white color.

Soft-8x10 Affordable fine Art Photography Print by Heyzee

This Autumn flower has meaning "pure heart"
and "sincerity".  When I read through the information regarding baby breath, it said that meaning of flowers began from Victorian times.

OOAK Ceramic Jewelry Box Babys Breath by Yevgenia

During Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings because flower selection was limited, and symbols and gestures are used to communicate than words. I think it is very romantic to do so.