Holiday In December 2010--Penang,Malaysia

We went to Penang before Kuala Lumpur in this December Holiday. We spent almost 10 days in Penang, enjoying Penang's delicious food, spending time with relatives and meeting friends in Penang. We did have a great time there!

We visited Penang's Peranakan house during this visit. A Singapore drama series 'Little Nyonya' was filmed in this place. The term Peranakan is used for the descendants of the early Chinese immigrants to Malacca, who spread through the British Straits Settlements of Penang, Malacca and Singapore. Sometimes Peranakan is also called Baba Nyonya. Today we refer to male peranakan as Baba, and female as Nyonya.

Peranakan culture is unique, it's a fusion between Malay and Chinese customs and culture. Their unique customs and culture can be seen in their food, dress and Laguage such as wearing 'Kebaya'(Malay costume for ladies), speaking Malay language at home. And at the same time retaining some Chinese traditions, such as religion, name, and ethnic identity.

I have some photos taken in the Peranakan house to share with you.