Lunar New Year Dinner

This time we went to a Chinese Cantonese restaurant Majestic Restaurant in China Town area. It's in a boutique hotel which is a beautiful 2 storey colonial style building.
At first I did not expect too much about the food, until I was served the tea by the waitress. They serve osmanthus tea(gui hua cha) in the restaurant which is not common in restaurants. I like the taste and aroma so much. Then I saw the chef, I'm surprised to see internationally renowned chef Yong Bing Ngen. From here I knew I would soon enjoy award winning dishes,
not ordinary set meals serve by restaurants during Lunar New Year Period.
The dishes were all very delicious. Especially the abalone(bao yu), normally this dish would have mushrooms. But it was served with tofu instead. The sauce was superb, not to mention the texture of the abalone. I have to mention the dessert, durian 'nian gao'(durian glutinous rice cake). I am not a fan of durian, but I could not stop myself for second helping despite of the durian smell. It was so nice, chewy and not too sweet. My hubby was so surprised watching me enjoyed this dessert. I think the osmanthus tea they serve in the restaurant has the function of eliminating the durian smell. In fact after taking this dessert I was a little worried about the odour and smell. It was an enjoyable experience dining in this restaurant. However its price tag is a bit to the high side but I would definately recommend this restaurant if good food is your top priority.