Titanium Earrings For Sensitive Ears

I had my first titanium post earrings years ago. That was before I learned to make jewelry.  As I have sensitive ears, I was always very careful when shopping for earrings.  But they are so beautiful and I finally bought them.  I  was so glad I bought them, I could finally wear earrings whole day without any discomfort. However they were hard to find.

When I started to design my handmade jewelry, I started to source for this material, and now here we are.
Titanium ear wires or posts have a unique silver grey tone.  They are not plated(in its pure form), light weight, long wearing and hypoallergenic. And they are less expensive than gold and white gold. 

Here are some of my designs which can be made with titanium ear wires or posts.

Please feel free to contact me through KaoriKaori on etsy, if you have any questions.