Penang 2012 June (1)

After 2 months, I  finally have time to look at the photos I took during my Penang holiday in June. I visited some new interesting places in Penang,  and I think I should share these photos on my blog,

Straits Quay Marina & Service Suite

Straits Quay, the new marina and service suite owned and operated by E&O group.  E&O group also owns E&O hotel in George Town Penang, which was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008. The building  exterior is their 'signature' white colonial style design, a style that is graceful and elegant. Other than a luxury accommodation, the building also houses restaurants ,cafes, bars, and specialty shops.

Penang Ferry
I have been telling my children about Penang ferry, so we took ferry from Penang Island to Butterworth this time.  Penang ferry began its service in the 1920s, it was the only mode of transport between Penang island and mainland before the operation of Penang bridge in the 1980s.

Originally ferries were painted in yellow color like the above photo. Nowadays they are also painted in other colors, during the ride I saw a ferry in bright blue color too.

A ferry carries both vechiles and passengers. There are lower deck for vehicles and its passangers, and upper deck for people who do not drive. It carries vehicles such as trucks, motorcycles, and cars. Which is quite similar to Interislander service that brings both vehicles and passanger across Cook Strait from South to North Island New Zealand. However the ferry ride from George Town to Butterworth takes only approximately 15 minuets. We drove into the ferry as instructed by the ferry operator, who would guide all the vehicles into the ferry. We just switched off the engine when we were inside the ferry, and you can either stay in the car or go out to enjoy the scenery and the sea breeze.  Overall it was  a nostalgic ride to me, I used to travel this way on ferry during my childhood. There is a significant reduction in number of ferries nowadays, as the demand has been  gradually decreased after Penang Bridge started its operation. There are more photos I want to share next time, stay tuned :)