I Missed Penang Food

I have heard about this restaurant selling Penang hawker food in Suntec City for quite a while already, we decided to try the food last Saturday.  We ordered 'fried kway teow', 'rojak', 'Penang laksa', 'Lor bak', and  'chendol' for dessert. I missed Penang food so much!

I ordered 'lemon chicken with rice' for my son, who does not like all these dishes I ordered. But I forgot to take photos for 'Penang Laksa' and 'chendol'.  All the food I ordered were tasty and passed my standard as a person who grown up in Penang. Especially the 'rojak' made with fruits and vegetables(mango,pineapple,  turnip, cucumber etc).  However the 'chendol' was a little dissapointing, the taste was nice but the green 'chendol' noodles were hard and still 'frozen'. My son said the'lemon chicken with rice' was nice.

'Lor bak' : deep fried mince pork soybean sheet roll
'Rojak' : fruits and vegetables salad with shrimp paste sauce garnish with ground peanut
'Fried Kway Teow' : flat rice noodle stir fry with cockles, eggs, bean sprouts, chinese sausage etc.
'Penang laksa': spicy and sour rice noodle soup with cucumber, mint leaves, oinion, pineapple, serve with a little shrimp paste.
'Chendol': shaved ice dessert with coconut milk and gula melaka syrap , sweetened red beans, and green pea noodles 'chendol'