Happy Lunar New Year

This year's lunar new year falls on 23 Jan. It is considred early as usually lunar new year will fall in  February. January is usually one of the buziest month for me as (school holidays ended in Dec)new semester starts in early January. I enjoyed myself too much in December, and only started spring cleaning for my house in 2nd week of Jan.  At the same time, I did some shopping for new clothings for my family.

I bought some mandarine oranges, sweets and chocolates today. It's a last minute shopping for lunar new year, and as expected the queue in the supermaket check out was super long.  Those 'gold coins' are chocolates, they are very nice in gold color  which symbolizes 'fortune'.

And some 'red packets' that do not look like traditional 'red packets'. They have pastel color background, with gold Chinese words meaning spring, prosperity, abandunce etc.

It's lunar new years eve today, we will be out for our reunion dinner later in the evening.
I wish you a happy,prosperous, and fabulous year of the dragon!